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I give God all Glory for everything that He has giving me, and for everything that He has demonstrated to me, and for Everything that He will continue to show me.

The Lord has given me many messages while I'm giving driving lessons, but out all the times that I have receive a message from the Lord, the most impacting one was:                                                          

"Please pardon our appearance while under Construction"

I was driving once with a student and a construction site caught my attention, it was a school that was being remodel.  The first thing that came to my mind was that the school really didn't need any reconstruction, so why was the school being remodel? A few days later I return to the same area and the school now was in full construction and it looked like a complete mess. Right of way I began thinking what would the new school look like? Because at the current time the construction site looked like a complete chaos and mess.

I began thinking that what a waste of money, because to my opinion the school really didn't need any reconstruction. As I ask my student to make a left turn and I notice a picture in the construction site, the picture said ""Please pardon our appearance while under Construction" the picture was an image of how the complete school would look like after the intensive construction work that was taking place.  Then I realize that maybe the school does need a make over, if it was going to look that great after the construction had ended.

As soon as I had that thought, I never felt God speaking to me as clearly as that day, what I felt in my heart God telling me was that we as Christians are just people under major construction.  The same way that I thought that the school didn't need any reconstruction because it looked good to me, we might think that we are OK, but we all need some serious reconstruction. The word of God is what we need to mold us and make us into the people of God that we need to be, God is a Holy God, and he has high Holy standards for us. Jesus was once refer to as a carpenter, He has the perfect tools to reconstruct us, we all need to submit to God and realize that Jesus return is closer than ever now.

We are being constructed every day by God, "He who began the work in us will finish it until the Day of Christ" Philippians 1:6. Look what Romans 11:29 saids "for God's gifts and his call are irrevocable". If God has called you, you better believe that the calling will become a reality, we can complain all we want to God about our current situation, and it may seem like your life is a complete mess and there is no positive ending in site, But just I saw the beautiful picture of how the school would look after the construction was finish, God knows how you are going to turn out! Don't worry my brothers and sister, GOD is in Control.

So after this incredible message that I received from God I decided to make it into a painting, and that is what the above picture is. I just change the wording to "Please pardon my appearance while I'm under construction" this incredible message now hangs as a painting in my office, and I made one for a Christian rehabilitation center that I when to speak on, about that GOD is always in CONTROL!

God Bless you! All glory and praise to God

Abel Perez